For over 25 years, we have been proud to produce high-quality trekking tents that accompany adventurers around the world. On this page we would like to introduce you to our current three series: Light Series, Camp Series and Ultralight Series.

Each series has been designed with utmost care to meet the different needs and requirements of trekking enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a light and compact solution for quick adventures, a spacious and durable tent for longer expeditions or are looking for an affordable tent with high quality - we have the perfect tent for you! We will introduce you to our tent series and explain to you what makes our tents the best companions for your outdoor experiences.

Outertent: 40D Nylon Ripstop | Silicon coated | 3.000 mm waterproof

Innertent: 30D Polyester Ripstop 210T

Groundsheet: 70D Nylon 210T | PU beschichtet | 10.000 mm waterproof

Persons: 1-3 persons

Fielf of activity: Trekking, cycling tours, motorcycle tours

Bestseller: Antao II light XL

Outertent: 75D Polyester 210T | PU coated| 3.000 mm waterproof

Innertent: 75D Nylon Ripstop 210T

Groundsheet: 75D Polyester 210T | PU coated| 8.000 mm waterproof

Persons: 2-4 persons

Field of activity: Camping, family vacations, motorcycle trips

Bestseller: Agadir Camp

Outertent: 20D Nylon Ripstop | Silicon coated| 2.000 mm waterproof

Innertent: 30D Nylon Ripstop 210T

Groundsheet: 70D Nylon Ripstop 210 T | PU coated| 10.000 mm waterproof

Persons: 2 persons

Field of activity: Trekking, cycling tours, bikepacking

Bestseller: Antao II light UL