REJKA - your outdoor home

Our mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality trekking tents that meet the needs of nature enthusiasts. We rely on robustness, longevity and affordable quality to be a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

Founding story

The beginnings of Rejka were marked by many challenges. With a lot of passion and financial sacrifice, I founded the REJKA brand in 1996 to create high-quality, affordable trekking tents. In the first few years we had to assert ourselves in a highly competitive market and establish Rejka's philosophy.

The breakthrough came in 2000, when our tunnel tent Antao II light won a comparison test by the trade magazine “OUTDOOR”. This success confirmed that high quality, affordable tents are possible. Rejka then developed into a permanent fixture in the outdoor market. Our commitment to robustness and simplicity has always been maintained.

The brand has evolved to meet market needs. Ultralight models were introduced to meet the increasing demand for lightweight equipment. But despite all the changes, REJKA remains true to its basic principles: offering well thought-out, sensible and practical solutions for the “home for outside”. Quality and customer satisfaction always come first.


The REJKA logo

For me, a tent represents freedom, independence and living in harmony with the animal and plant world. For this reason, an animal should also adorn my logo and this was found with the African elephant. On the one hand, I associate these animals with strength and robustness. The elephant trunk, which takes the shape of a "J", has been cleverly integrated into the REJKA brand. The brand was originally planned as Reika (REIner KAnzewitsch), but the final form was created by cleverly connecting the trunk with the letter "J".


Philosophy and sustainability

Our philosophy is shaped by the belief that outdoor equipment should be robust, durable and sufficiently light. The focus early on was on quality and sustainability, even if ecological considerations initially played a minor role. Today we consciously focus on repairs instead of replacements in order to conserve resources.

Over the years we have become a fixture in the outdoor market, with 13 models on offer. We remain true to our core principles and expand our range to meet the changing needs of customers. Our ultralight models are market-driven but offer a good balance between weight and tear resistance.

As the founder of Rejka, I am still one of the first test subjects for our tents. Together with my wife and our dogs, we test the practicality to ensure that each tent meets the highest standards.

At Rejka you won't just find a tent - you'll find well thought-out, sensible and practical solutions for your new "outdoor home". Our commitment goes beyond sales – we are there for you if you have any questions, advice or any problems with your tent. Because at Rejka we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves.


5 year guarantee We stand behind the products we sell and offer you an extended warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Over 25 years of experience Benefit from our over 25 years of experience and get personal advice: by email, telephone or on site.

Sustainability through longevity A long-term supply of spare parts, our own repair workshop and robust materials ensure a long service life.